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Shopping Portal
We have an affiliate account with that generates commision for us whilst offering you the same competitive prices as found anywhere on the net. By clicking on the link below you can navigate to some of your favourite online shops. If you buy anything after clicking this link then the trust will gain a small percentage of that sale.

Buy.At, at the Fleet Trust There are many huge retailers signed up to this scheme, such as ASDA, GAME, M&S, HMV, Sky and Amazon, amongst others. If you are considering buying anything off these stores anyway, please think beforehand and click the button to the left before buying so as we can gain money from your purchase.

We can now recycle your cartridges for cash. Just pop them along to the trust hut or shop and we will do the rest.

If possible, please use the original boxes, as this will increase their value.

Toner cartridges also recylceable and we can even make use of old mobile phones. All these items will be greatfully recieved down at Stonebridge Road.

Pennies on the Pitch
So far, The Fleet Trust have collected 930.26 as part of it's Pennies On The Pitch Scheme

Please help us get to £1000! - That's only 7000 pennies required.
  • The pitch measures 337 ft x 213.5 ft, which equals 71,950 sq. ft.
  • It takes 2.25 to cover a square foot in current size pennies,so whole pitch is worth 71,950 x 2.25 = 161,887!
  • We have divided pitch up into 500 squares so each square is 161,887 / 500 = approximately 324
  • But when pitch was first established, "Old Pennies" were the currency, which were physically approximately 1.5 the size of current pennies.
  • So if we use "old pennies", each square is valued at around £200, and total pitch is worth £100,000, Which is our overal target!

Sponsor a Goal
The sponsor a goal scheme is what is says on the tin - Supporters can chose to sponsor a player to score a goal, or the team to do something collectively. If this event happens, they have to pay up the amount pledged. Examples...
  • 1 for every goal Luke Moore scores
  • 5 for every Fleet clean sheet
  • 3 for every penalty save by a Fleet keeper
  • 20 for every hat trick scored by the Fleet
  • 500 if the Fleet win the league
No amount is too large or small, and you can make up your own events to sponsor.

If you would like to partake in this initiative, please download the form below, print off, complete and return to whomever occupies the Trust Hut on matchday. Alternatively, post it to the address on the form.

Download Sponsor A Goal Form Here