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Join MyFC
Join the Trust
The Trust rely on as many people as possible to keep going. Joining the trust is just one of the ways you can help us.

In January '08 the Fleet trust reduced its' membership fee to just 1 for a year. This offer extends until the end of the season, where it will rise once again to £10, so join up before you miss out!

So why join the Trust?

There are a number of reasons as to why to be part of the Fleet Trust:-
  • To contribute funds towards the Trust, and in turn, benefit the club. This could be in a number of forms, from donations to promotion to maintenance of the stadium.
  • To increase the number of members of the Trust. This helps because when it comes to strengthening the links between the Fleet Trust and the club, more numbers means more prominence. If we approach the club with an idea which our base of 50 are behind, it will not have as much as an influence on the outcome of the situation if the idea has the backing of 500 supporters, which in our case would be very roughly 50% of our average fan base.
  • To take place in fundamental votes and in general meetings of the Trust. This gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion about Trust decisions and potentially decisions of the club.
  • To give you the right to stand for election to the board, to volunteer your services which could really make a difference in the way the Trust is run.

Hopefully we will soon have a facility where you will be able to join online, but until then please download this form and return it to us here at the trust.